“Michael was so respectful of us and I will always be respectful of him. He was kind, wonderful and I have nothing but positive memories of him. That guy was awesome” – Eddie Garcia

DAYTON, Ohio – Choreographer and dancer Eddie Garcia stated he grew up in a household who cherished dancing, and in keeping with him, certainly one of his desires was to work with Michael Jackson. Casted by Vincent Patterson on the age of 17 as a background dancer inJackson’s brief movie, “Smooth Criminal,” Garcia’s dream got here true, and in keeping with him, the position was “awesome.”

“I remember being on the set and we were rehearsing and something happened,” he stated. “The actions of everyone in the room changed when [Michael] walked in, and you could just feel his presence because the whole room changed.” Garcia stated his first reminiscence of meetingJacksonwas throughout a second once they have been standing by the door within the brief movie. He saidJacksonacknowledged his earlier work with Janet Jackson and complimented him on his dancing skills. “For Michael to have that awareness that I worked with Janet is cool for me,” Garcia stated.

E2.jpgOne of many first classes Garcia stated he realized from Jacksonwhen it got here to creativity and professionalism was that each element mattered. Garcia stated he realized this lesson firsthand on the set of “Smooth Criminal.” “There was a care and time that went into making everything correct,” Garcia stated. “A lot of times today due to budgets, people rush things. But with ‘Smooth Criminal,’ I could feel every person’s presence in that film.” To be extra particular, he stated he particularly remembers Jacksonasking him a “creative question,” that mattered to the ultimate outtake of “Smooth Criminal.” “When he does his chest pop when the music starts, he asked me, ‘Can you feel the music?,'” Garcia stated. “I stated, ‘Uh, yeah.,’ however did not bodily really feel the music. He stated, ‘No, are you able to really feel it?’ He then acquired 4 or 5 screens lined up after which you may bodily really feel the music. He wished us all to actually really feel it.”

In line with Garcia, “Smooth Criminal” was impressed by Fred Astaire’s musical, “Bandwagon.” He stated the set was designed in dedication to the musical and saidJacksonand Patterson wished everybody to characterize a bit of “Bandwagon.” “We had a little television with a VHS player on the set that would play ‘Bandwagon,’ and Michael and Vince would say, ‘Watch this guy and do this,'” Garcia stated. “They both kept telling all of us, ‘You have to feel every moment. You can’t have one moment that’s not real.'” Garcia stated he associated properly to Patterson’s and Jackson’s philosophies as a result of each have been goal-driven towards reaching perfection.

Along with dancing in “Smooth Criminal,” Garcia performed one other position in “Moonwalker,” because the rabbit within the “Speed Demon” phase. “Michael was the rabbit, but they wanted the rabbit to move a little differently than him, so they used me to freestyle dance,” he stated. “They took bits and pieces of Michael and bits of me, and mish-moshed us together.” Garcia saidJacksonadored claymation and was impressed by tv reveals like “The California Raisins.” He saidJacksonwanted to show that very same form of creativity in “Moonwalker.”

E1.jpgAlthough Garcia stated dancing in “Smooth Criminal,” stands out to him, his resume of labor withJacksonexpanded through the years, resulting in excursions and quite a lot of performances. Whereas on the set of “Smooth Criminal,” Garcia saidJacksonasked him if he could be eager about occurring tour with him. “Three months later, I got a call, asking me if I wanted to be a dancer for the BAD tour,” he stated. In line with him, dancing alongside aspect Jackson was a dream fulfilled in the course of the filming of “Smooth Criminal,” however Garcia stated dancing dwell on stage with him is an expertise he’ll always remember.

Trying again on his recollections of dancing in “Smooth Criminal,” and turning into a background dancer forJackson’s following excursions, Garcia stated he was grateful forJackson’s generosity and for believing in his skills. “He was kind, wonderful and I have nothing but positive memories of him. That guy was awesome.”

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